Personal Profile: Editorial Board Journal of Disability and Oral Health

Name: Shouji Hironaka

Present appointment: Professor of Showa University, Tokyo, Japan

Qualifications: D.D.S. 1994.3 Hokkaido Univ. Japan, Ph.D. 2000.3 Hokkaido Univ. Japan

Memberships / External Activities:
MemberiADH, Japanese Society of Disability and Oral Health (Board member)
Japanese Society of Dysphagia Rehabilitation (Board member), Japanese Society of Pediatric Dentistry (Board member) and 4 more councils

Teaching Profile:2000.4~ Associate professor, Hokkaido Univ.
2001.3~Associate professor, Showa Univ.
2013.4~Professor, Department of Special Needs Dentistry, Division of Hygiene and Oral Health, School of Dentistry, Showa University
Undergraduate: 2001.3~Preventive Dentistry course and Director of Special Needs Dentistry course (2013.4~)
Postgraduate: Dysphagia rehabilitation and habilitation course (2001.4~)

Awards / Prizes: 
Nothing in particular

Research Interests: Eating and Swallowing Disorder, Dysphagia rehabilitation,
Development of eating and swallowing function, Decline of eating and swallowing function

Clinical Interests: Examination of eating and swallowing function, Behaviour modification

Selected Publications: List titles of up to 4 publications
1) A Ishizaki, S Hironaka, M Tatsuno and Y Mukai: Characteristics of and weaning strategies in tube-dependent children. Pediatrics International, 55: 208-213, 2013.
2) K Nomura, A Utsumi, K Tomita, M Watanabe, T Ooka, S Hironaka, Y Mukai: Influence of command on tongue elevation during swallowing: examination of tongue pressure and ultrasound imaging. Journal of Disability and Oral Health, 12(4),149-158, 2011.
3) Haino T, Hironaka S, Ooka T, Tokita T, Kubota Y, Boughter Jr D, Inoue T, Mukai Y:Orosensory deprivation alters taste-elicited c-Fos expression in the parabrachial nucleus of neonatal rats, Neuroscience Research,67: 228-235, 2010.
4) S.Hironaka, T.Shirakawa, S.Toki, K.Kinoshita, H.Oguchi. :Feeding-induced c-fos expression in the nucleus of the solitary tractand dorsal medullary reticular formation in neonatal rats. NeurosciLett.293:175-178.2000.

Selected Projects/Publications in Special Care Dentistry: list up to 4
Eating and swallowing function in children (in Japanese) 2015
Eating and swallowing disorders in the elderly (in Japanese) 2015
Develop of eating function (in Japanese) 2014
Treatment and management of eating and swallowing disorders (in Japanese) 2012