Specialty Training in Special Care Dentistry

Special Care Dentistry is a Dental Specialty established in 2008 which provides preventive and treatment oral care services for people who are unable to accept routine dental care because of some physical, intellectual, medical, emotional, sensory, mental or social impairment, or a combination of these factors. It requires a holistic approach that is specialist led in order to meet the complex requirements of people with impairments. The training reflects the nature of Special Care Dentistry by taking place in a variety of primary care, hospital, and community settings.

Specialty training Registrars (StRs) are expected to complete training in three years if working full time. The training will produce dentists who are specialists in Special Care Dentistry and who will be able to register on the General Dental Council (GDC) specialist list in Special Care Dentistry on completion of training. This training is a dental postgraduate deanery approved programme which is accompanied by a National Training Number (NTN) and leads towards a CCST.

Training is designed to equip the StR with the skills necessary to practise as a Consultant in Special Care Dentistry. These skills are defined in the curriculum prescribed by the GDC: APPENDIX A (gdc-uk.org)

The BSDH supports Trainees in SCD by co-opting an StR Representative onto its Executive Committee. BSDH members who are StRs or StR trainers have access to the StR webpage. There are also opportunities to present at Scientific Meetings and support to present at an IADH Conference.

Application for speciality training posts are via national recruitment.

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