Everyday Miracles Nomination Form


The Everyday Miracles award offered by the British Society of Special Care Dentistry (BSSCD) looks to celebrate the amazing work the special care dental team undertakes.

Special Care Dentistry is the provision of oral health care services for adults who are unable to accept/receive routine dental care because of a physical, sensory, intellectual, mental, medical, emotional, or social impairment or disability or a combination of these factors.

Every day, special care dental teams go above and beyond for their patients to make sure they receive the best care, to the highest standard. 

Patients are invited to tell their story of how a special care dental team changed their life for the better. Nominations should be made by patients or carers directly by completing this form. Please note this applies to patients aged 14 and above who have been treated by a special care dental team.


A panel of three judges will award the prize.

The patient who nominated the winner will receive a prize of £250 to be donated to charity of their choice!

The dental team will win certificates as well as a hamper of goodies to share!

The president of BSSCD may also visit the winning patient and dental team to congratulate them


Please note if you are one of the winners your photographs and story may be shared in the dental community as well as on the BSSCD website. 

Complete a nomination form by clicking on 'START'.

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